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What do we do?

We write.

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Words. They’ve never had to work so hard. Once confined to books and a tiny elite, they’re now everywhere. Anyone can put their message in a digital bottle and send it out into the world, hoping that someone picks it up. And they do. But in a world where everyone is saying something, the trick is to get someone to listen.

GrayDorian can draw on over ten years experience with the marketing team of one of the world’s leading multi-national companies, helping to build one of the most recognisable brands both in the UK and abroad. We can bring skills, knowledge and a love of language to transform what you want to say into what others want to hear.

We’re not just copywriters. That’s too narrow a definition. If you want to tell the world that your product or service is something special, we can do that. But if you want something written that is there to explain rather than sell, we can do that too. Or a speech. Or blog entries. You name it.

Words can work for you.

But we don’t just make them work harder, we make them dance.

We wright.

It’s not used so much these days, but a ‘wright’ was a person who built or created things. There were shipwrights, wheelwrights, ploughwrights and more. They were craftsmen, people for whom their work was not simply a job. It was part of their lives. And words are part of ours. If we’re not writing them, then we’re playing with them verbally. Words can be a subtle and sophisticated tool, capable of great delicacy, or sudden impact. A foghorn or a conspiratorial whisper. Funny or reassuringly serious.

Knowing when to use which is part of our craft. It’s not just what we do.  It’s part of what we are.

We right.

OK, that's pushing it. But accuracy in our work is vital. A single punctuation error can change a message completely. Spelling errors make a piece of work look amateur or rushed. It affects the way in which the reader views the person or company who provided the piece, and not in a good way. So we proofread and check everything thoroughly before it goes back to you.

But we’ll also review what you send us. We’ll question where we think that it’s appropriate to make sure that the final message isn’t just the best that it can be, but that it’s as true as it can be.

Because truth builds trust. And you can’t buy trust. But trust will make people come back to you far more than price will.

Trust us on that one.


  • Paul at GrayDorian has provided content for CR5 Magazine on several occasions. I have been most impressed with his writing style: engaging the reader immediately whilst injecting the just the right amount of humour into its content. Paul is very knowledgeable on a host of topics, and obviously researches each subject well before writing. I would have no hesitation in recommending GrayDorian, not only for content and writing style, but also reliability and a consistent approach.

    Lucy McAlpineEditor, CR5 Magazine

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